Here at Sluys we are proud of our Poulsbo Bread! Poulsbo Bread was created back in 1974 and was one of the first multigrain breads on the market. Our Poulsbo Bread is made with honey, millet, flax, wheat germ and sunflower seed. We use the finest ingredients we can find.

Poulsbo Bread is not the only bread we offer. We make 21 different kinds of bread and 9 types of rolls. All of our breads and rolls are made in small batches using the finest ingredients and whole grains.

Barnaby bread, for example, is a hearty heavy grained bread made with bulgur wheat, cracked wheat, rye meal and apricot preserve.

Another example is our elegantly simple Buttercrust bread, which is a traditional white bread that is brushed with melted butter right out of the oven.

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